Colette and my paths crossed randomly…I cold called her looking for a acupuncturist to help me balance my hormones as I was suffering from some random bloating and emotional extremes that were getting in the way of my life. She found virtually an immediate availability. The first session was magical, it was my first acupuncture experience, and it took me to another level of calm and consciousness. The next session, she added a formula of herbs to combat my liver chi issues and within a couple of months, I was on my road to balance. Since then, I have been obsessed with Colette. I see her instead of a doctor for many of most of my ailments, and I’ve recommended her to many friends who leave swearing by her abilities. In a world filled with stresses and chaos, she is a beacon of calm and health and she has changed my life for the better.
Joye M.
Film Producer

Meeting Colette was the single most fortunate event on my path to health. For years I had been suffering from severe PMS, prolonged menses, and terrible acne. Regardless of my many efforts to recover (self medication, prescription drug use, and homeopathic medicines) I was only able to treat symptoms temporarily. Absolutely nothing proved to be the long term solution I needed.

Colette recognized my symptoms and patiently treated them one by one with customized herbs and acupuncture on a weekly basis. With persistence, my body began to respond positively, diminishing my symptoms and the pain and irritability that came with them. My menses adjusted to a normal duration, and my skin and mood improved tremendously! I continue to see Colette and benefit greatly from her treatments. I truly feel that she has given my life back to me.

Samira K
Art Director

Colette was referred to me by several “in the know” people as the guru of all things wellness. When I first came to Akeso Therapeutics, I had cystic acne, regular occurring welts, insomnia, and very little energy. I had tried weekly facials to clear my skin, B12 shots for energy, and even resorted to sleep medication to balance my irregular sleep patterns. It wasn’t until I began working with Colette that things started to change. Through a regular series of acupuncture treatments and a daily dose of her custom made herbs my skin, my sleep, my energy levels – my life – changed! Colette is an amazing woman and working with her has cleared up issues I’ve been trying to fix for years. She is kind, patient, knowledgeable, resourceful and reasonably priced. Colette is gem and I feel fortunate to have found her!

Lauren W

It is with the greatest pleasure and appreciation that I write about Colette Widrin, a highly skilled and versatile professional who has outstanding assessment and treatment skills coupled with a sparkling personality and a truly caring attitude. I had never had a massage in my life, but quite suddenly my body started to convince me that I was no longer 18 years old. I developed an unusual eye condition which required surgery, followed by six weeks of brutal facedown positioning. I tried two massage therapists who were lovely people but failed to help me. Then I found Colette! She came to my home and helped immensely to get me through this miserable time period using a combination of massage, suggestions about positioning aids and other helpful ideas.I then had a skiing accident, which inflamed my left iliotibial band (along the entire outside of the upper leg–hip to knee). After my very competent Sports Medicine doctor sadly told me that my problem was chronic and incurable, the physical therapist gave up, and the chiropractor said he could no longer help me, I started going to Colette for massages to carefully and somewhat painfully break up the scar tissue. This was not fun but it was highly effective and I’m finally back to hiking. My next problem was with the second eye, similar to the first eye problem. This time while facedown, my shoulders froze and it took Colette’s hard work and creativity to release them. Thanks to her work at Akeso Therapeutics, my body once again feels vibrant and youthful. However, as soon as it tries to convince me otherwise, I will immediately contact Colette. She has always demonstrated respect for both Western and alternative medicine and even coordinated with my physical therapist to give me the best treatment possible. I am so grateful.

Joy E.
Educator & Activist

I am a devotee of Colette’s. She combines her knowledge of Eastern medicine with a practical approach to address specific issues-and it works. Acupuncture has helped me with back problems and chronic sinus issues and currently I’m using it to reduce tension and address digestive issues. As a treat to myself I recently tried Colette’s ‘facelift’ treatment. I don’t think she calls it that, but that was definitely the effect it had. It involved several needles in strategic facial points and a mask afterward. I could literally feel my skin being pulled and lifted and was surprised when a totally random person (check out guy at Trader Joes) made a comment about my skin! Maybe it was a coincidence but I could see how relaxed my face looked and realized how the look of stress had begun to look ‘normal’ to me. She’s got a gentle touch with the needles and I learn a lot each time I see her, too. I’m going back!!

Sherri S.

Colette is amazing! She is professional and has a gift of touch. I started going to her in march 2012 looking for migraine relief , it was my frist time having accuncture. Needless to say I was a bit nerveous. She was great, very patient and informative. migraines are under control and I just started doing body wraps and love them just the same. Im a lifer

Linda Marie F.

I’ve been a client of Colette’s for over 4 years now, and over that time she’s treated me for muscle pain, back pain and digestive issues. I’ve always found her massage treatments FAR more effective than trips to the chiropractor and her treatment of my digestive problems was the only thing that worked, having previously tried everything else. As others here have noted, she takes a very pragmatic approach to each client, combining her knowledge of both Eastern and Western treatments to find the best approach for the individual. Overall, Colette’s most endearing feature is her tremendous passion for health and healing. Many others are “matter of fact” about this work, but Colette is the kind who can sit and discuss it intensely all day long (if you have the time). In my book, that’s always the sign of a true professional!

David Q.

I’ve been a client of Colette’s for over 7 years. She’s amazing! I started with Colette as my massage therapist due to my chronic neck and shoulder issues from being on a computer all day. I’ve not found another person that can give an effective deep tissue massage like Colette. Most recently, I’ve been working with her after I had my second baby. With a combination of massage therapy and acupuncture, she’s helped me recover from post partem. The body work that she did really helped me get energized and recover quickly. Overall, she’s very knowledgeable about the body, how it functions and just about health/medicine in general. And as others have referenced, I love her approach to both Eastern and Western medicine. She is always professional and willing to help. Both my husband and I love her!

Anna L.

From start to finish i was amazed by Collette!. i went in for my shoulder and back pain, and left relaxed and so much better. . i have had chronic back and shoulder problems for the last year. working with Collette and listening to her about how to take care of my body from the inside and out has changed me for the better, i have to say i can finally feel good. i have had her body work ( therapeutic massage), to her acupuncture and even did one of her custom herb detoxes. its amazing how educated and helpful she has been. what a gem , my life is better having her in my back pocket..

Amy E.

I started seeing Colette a few months ago for massage therapy and bodywork and she is INCREDIBLE! I don’t know how I survived without her before! I am VERY active and athletic, and previously suffered knee pain, shin splints, stress fractures and unbearable amounts of tension in my muscles. Colette has made it possible for me to continue high intensity workouts by identifying the core cause of my muscle tightness. I have seen SO many doctors, physical therapists and massage therapists over the past few years, and none of them compare to Colette! Not only is she very knowledgable and professional, she makes the experience comfortable and effective. I truly appreciate that she never rushes through my appointments and is truly dedicated to her practice and her clients.

Shireen G.

I was an accupuncture virgin and Collette was very helpfull and put me at ease through the entire process. Without hesitation she was able to fit the treatments to my specific need and did so competently and professionally

Moises M.

I can’t imagine going any other place then Akeso for bodywork!. Colette is gentle and healing. She made sure I was completely comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. She didn’t rush through the session and was VERY on point (no pun intended) with what she felt happening in my body. The environment she has created in her office is so tranquil, it’s hard to get up and leave once she’s done. As for the acupuncture, I was very reluctant and border line nervous as I had never had anything like that done before. Her knowledge on this healing technique is so extensive that I had no idea she was working on me. I plan on getting more sessions of this treatment. I truly have to say, you will be in great hands (pun intended) as soon as you walk through her doors. Do yourself a favor and get a massage at Akeso Therapeutics today!!!

Michelle F.

I was referred to Colette at Akeso by a friend, and I’m so happy I went! I have chronic back pains and anxiety and literally one day after seeing Colette my back pain was less and my anxiety was minimal. I’m so excited to have found a real solution to my problems, and not just a chiropractor cracking my back and neck (which I can do myself) and I can keep avoiding pills for the anxiety. I’m definitely coming back to Akeso on a weekly basis for the next month or so. I’m in love!

Ryan Y.

Fortunately, I haven’t had any major back pain in my life, but unfortunately, when I hurt my lower back last week while playing volleyball, I had no idea what to do. Fortunately, I was able to turn to my friend who has unfortunately had a lot of experience with back pain. My friend said that out of all the doctors and chiropractors that she has seen, Colette was a must see. The morning after my volleyball injury, I could barely bend forward and even brushing my teeth was painful on my back. I was able to schedule a same-day appointment with Colette, and it was awesome! It was my first experience with acupuncture, and it was a good one. I wasn’t nervous, but it was very helpful that Colette talked me through the process of what she was doing and why. She did amazing bodywork which really loosened up my back. Immediately after the session, I felt better and could already bend forward a lot more. She recommended what to do when I get home and advised that I most likely wouldn’t need to see her again. This proved that she wasn’t about making her clients create a dependency on her, but she was really about helping them feel better ASAP. I’m a certified life coach and I always stress the importance to my clients that they have to find out what they love to do and why they love doing it. It was a pleasure to hear Colette tell her story about how she once had a clothing business, but she decided to follow her true passion of Eastern Medicine and healing. I can tell that she loves she does and I am very grateful that I found her. It’s been less than a week since I saw her and I’m already in near tip top shape and ready for the volleyball play offs! She was accurate that one session was enough so I didn’t need to go back. It was such a great experience though, that I highly recommend that anybody with body/back pain see her ASAP!

Hayden L.