Acupuncture needles are very, very thin and most feel minimal to no pain at all upon insertion. When some much needed energy points receive a needle one may feel a slight dull aching sensation – a sign that the treatment is working.
The healing process is different for everyone, and there is no set amount of treatments that are effective for all. Most patients experience relief after just one treatment, while many choose to maintain optimal health with consistent weekly treatments even if no symptoms or discomforts persist.
Herbs and acupuncture go hand in hand, and effects are increased by using both modalities. Acupuncture can treat immediate issues and symptoms such as pain, sleeplessness, etc. while herbs can aid needlework in addressing the root issue.
Here at Akeso, we believe that treating the body as one, whole, integrated system is the only way to get lasting effects. Though Western medicine has much to offer, often it’s method treats only symptoms or diseases at their advanced, acute stage. Eastern medicine examines the causes of discomfort and seeks to heal the root issue rather than just alleviate the symptom. By combining this approach with methods that give immediate relief, we are able to promote wellness and prevention at every level in a way that allows the patient to maintain a state of lasting health rather than fluctuate between pain and lack thereof endlessly.
Again, we are firm believers that true health is a multi-facetted condition that can only be created by taking all aspects of an individual into account. Though acute issues should be dealt with immediately, optimal health includes physical, emotional, and spiritual components and having a plan tailored to one’s specific needs will yield much more benefit than treating a singular area of discomfort. For instance, if one is experiencing muscle tension, massage and acupuncture can greatly ease the pain. However, if the tension is being caused by chronic misalignment, the issue will repeat itself until postural alignment is achieved. To do this, physical therapy or rehabilitative muscular conditioning must be used to address the issue in its entirety and prevent it from reoccurring.
Our Distance Program is perfect for those living far away. By using comprehensive testing, we are able to analyze a patient’s needs and provide herbs and recommendations to create healing. Please refer to the Modalities page for more information.
Most insurance plans are accepted.
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